Local Home Builder vs. National Company – Pros and Cons

As you think about hiring a home builder to take on your upcoming project, you have two options at your disposal – a local home builder or a national company. At first, you might be tempted to default to the national company, perhaps for no other reason than recognizing their name from other projects. But is that the right choice? Or should you favor a local builder instead? This article will take a closer look.


Don Mills is among the best Greensboro homebuilders available today. As a local builder that knows the market and has completed many successful projects for previous clients, Don Mills can be trusted to deliver a stunning finished custom home.


Don’t Fall Into This Trap

The first point to keep in mind in this debate is that you shouldn’t just assume the size of a national builder will automatically lead to a better finished product. That simply isn’t the case. There are many great local builders – like Don Mills – that will do outstanding work for their clients.


Growing a business to the scale of a national builder isn’t really about the quality of that company’s work so much as it is about its ability to market effectively, and spot opportunities for growth. In other words, national builders gain their status more on the basis of business acumen than house-building skills.


Local Builders Provide Many Advantages

When you start to look closer at the pros and cons of these two options, you are going to find that the local builder comes out on top again and again. The following points tip the scales in favor of the local option –


  • Local knowledge. One of the best reasons to opt for a local builder is the in-depth knowledge of the area where you plan to build your new home. The builder you pick will have built other homes around the area – and maybe even in the same neighborhood – and that experience is invaluable.


  • Build a relationship. Large, national builders operate like any other corporation. That means they have systems and processes in place to optimize each project from start to finish. This approach is great for their bottom line but it doesn’t do much for you. Alternatively, when you go with a local builder, you can create a relationship with the people who work in the business, and you can enjoy an open line of communication as a result. Have a question or concern? Your builder will always be a cell phone call away.


  • Total investment. In addition to having a better experience and getting exactly what you want, you might even spend less in the end with a local builder. National companies have significant overhead that they need to cover, but local builders operate with a lean staff and minimal other costs. To get the best possible value for your money, go with the local option.


Can quality custom homes be constructed by national companies? Of course – but the personal touch that you get with a local builder is just too appealing to pass up. Reach out to Don Mills today to schedule an appointment to discuss your plans for this exciting project.