How to Discuss your Home Decorating Style with Home Professionals

What is your decoration styleYou want your custom home to look the way you imagine it with your own personal style. But it can be difficult to communicate your style to your builder. If you’re worried that your builder won’t understand what you’re looking for, you may feel some stress or anxiety about it. Remember this: your builder wants you to be happy with your home, but the key is communication. Here’s what home builders in Greensboro, NC need from you in order to create the home you want.

First, Determine what your Home Decorating Style Is

It’s difficult to communicate your style to your builder if you don’t know what it is, to begin with. There are many different home decor styles that are understood and recognized by interior designers from contemporary to modern and everything in between. Check out this site and choose the style that best fits your preferences.

While it is typically best to stick to one style throughout your home, it is alright to choose different styles for different rooms, especially if you’re trying to please different family members who may not all agree on one style. Determine what style of decor you want for each room and be sure to make a list if multiple rooms will have different styles.

Communicate your Style Clearly with your Builder

Be very specific about the style you want. If you want victorian or mid-century modern or any other specific type, say so. Find pictures online or cut photos out of magazines to show examples to your builder of style items you wish to include. Paint a very clear picture of what you want so that there won’t be any confusion.

If you don’t like an idea your builder suggests, don’t be afraid to say so, but do so politely. Responses such as “That’s not really the look I’m going for” or “What other options are there?” can work well. Lack of communication can often lead to unhappy customers.

Discuss Home Decorating Style Early in the Home Design Process

Don’t wait until the home is underway to start talking about decor. Home decorating is more than just knick-knacks and throw pillows you bring in after the house is complete. The style needs to be incorporated into the home design. For example, if you’re looking for an industrial style, that will affect how the home is built and finished (or not finished, which is part of the industrial style). Rustic style tends to include items such as bare wood beams and other natural elements that will need to be accounted for in the structural design.

Only Work with Home Builders who Understand Home Decorating Styles

An experienced home builder will not just have a thorough knowledge of building structure, but will also understand home decor. Don Mills Builders will strive to understand your personal style and incorporate the design elements you want to include to make your home truly your own.

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