Key Details That Make Your Custom Home YOURS

Designing a custom home in can be overwhelming given all the options and decisions that need to be made.  That’s just one of the many reasons to work with one of the best and most experienced builders in North Carolina, Don Mills. The team at Don Mills Builders will help plan out every detail that goes into the home to ensure it looks amazing and will be a place you can call your own and love. The Don Mills Builders team will be with you every step of the way as you go through all of the details, that will make your custom home completely unique. Some of the options to consider include:


Custom Staircases


When you consider a staircase for your custom home, think of unique ways that you can make the staircase stand out. In many homes, the staircase can turn into a centerpiece for the whole home. Consider whether a grand staircase can fit into your plans or even a curved stair to add an element of surprise right in the middle of the home. Think about the materials used on the stairs and any design features that will help inspire awe when people walk in the door.


Custom Built-Ins


There are a number of different custom built-ins that you can add to your home. For example, how would a unique bookshelf or secret cabinets look within the home. Maybe you would like to add a large desk to one of the rooms for work or a butler’s pantry. The back entry, study, and living room are three places where you can have some fun adding custom built-ins that make the home your own.


The Doors


Selecting the doors to go into your home can be a unique challenge. You don’t want o spend too much on these, but you also want to go with something that is elegant and will really stick out. Avoid the hallow doors that seem light and flimsy and can take away from the quality you want in your home. You can also choose to customize some of the paneling around the door to give the luxurious design you would like.


The Details on Walls and Ceilings


As you are designing your custom home, think about the walls and the ceilings. You are not stuck with the builder beige that comes in many homes because you can have full say in how the walls are finished. Maybe you would like some solid or boxed beams, some unique paneling, or a certain paint color that makes a particular room pop.


At the same time, think about the lighting. The type of lighting and where you plan to place it can make your home very unique. Maybe choose some adjustable lights so you can have plenty of brightness during the day, while turning it down when it is time to relax at night.


When you are ready to create a custom home that is all yours, you will likely  spend some time searching online for  “custom home builders near me.” There are many great home builders in North Carolina but one of the premier builders in the country is right here in Guilford County, Don Mills Builders.  Working with Don Mills will allow you to take all of your visions of a custom home and turn them into reality.