Creative Ways to Decorate a Luxurious Living Room Space

When it comes to living room décor, the possibilities are endless. You can make it your own by incorporating your individual style. Think about places you’ve been where you’ve seen styles or pieces that you like, whether it’s a home you’ve visited or a venue you’ve seen. Browse magazine pictures and online images of luxurious living rooms to get ideas. Then find a team of Greensboro builders who are willing to incorporate your own style and ideas into your home design. If you’re just getting started on the design process, it may seem too early to be thinking about the decorations. But the style you want to achieve does affect the design and layout of the room, so it is important to have your vision in mind from the start. Here are some popular decorating options that need to be planned for when designing your home.  

Exposed Wood Beams. High and elaborate ceilings are extremely popular in luxury homes. Exposed wooden beams give the room a luxurious, yet rustic look that is unique and bold.  

Columns. When you want a classical living room that looks elegant and ornamental, columns work wonders. They can also serve a load-bearing purpose to support an open floor plan.  

Crown Molding. Another ornamental addition, crown molding adds beauty and complexity to an otherwise plain room. Crown molding is often seen where the wall meets the ceiling, but can also adorn the ceiling itself, the lower part of walls, the top or bottom of columns, and along the top of cabinetry.  

Bay Windows. There’s no better way to invite natural light into your living room than with large bay windows. Charming from the interior as well as the exterior, bay windows offer dynamics to your living room. The right furniture pieces and arrangement can create a separate space with the window as the focal point.  

Indoor to Outdoor Transition. One of the latest trends in living rooms is creating a nearly seamless transition to the outdoors. The living room blends into a patio with one fluid theme to draw it all together.  

Don Mills Builders: Greensboro Builders who Design Luxurious Living Rooms with your Preferences for Décor in Mind 

When you know what decorative theme and particular features you want to include in your living room, share your thoughts with your builder. To create the look you want it’s important to start with the layout. You also need to be sure to find the right Greensboro builders who can design and build the living room you want. Don Mills Builders creates design plans that incorporate your thoughts and ideas to give you the dream home you desire. Call (336) 643-3503 to get started today.