6 Tips for Choosing a Location for Your New Home

So you’ve made the big decision to build a new custom home. This is an exciting time with so many choices ahead of you. The first, and quite possibly the most important, is choosing a location. There are so many things to consider, but don’t let it become overwhelming. With the help of your new home builder in Summerfield and these six tips, you’ll be able to choose an excellent home site on which to build your dreams.

  1. Check out the neighborhood. Do you want to build on a lot in a development? If so, find one that meets all of your criteria such as amenities, size, homeowners association, etc. Find out the future plans for the neighborhood as well so you’ll know what the finished development will be like. If you’re looking for a stand-alone lot, look into the properties that surround the land to see how they are and will be used.
  2. Research the community. Beyond your neighborhood, you will want to make sure your home is situated in a community you will be happy with. Look at schools in the area, businesses, utilities (including cable, internet, and phone), and recreational opportunities. You don’t want to build the home of your dreams only to find out that it’s too far away from the things that are important to you.
  3. Survey the lay of the land. Whether your lot is level or sloping will have a bearing on the design of the home to be built. Discuss the land with your builder to determine what (if any) limitations the grade of the land may have on your future home.
  4. Think about the direction your home will face. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. The direction your home faces will make a big difference on a daily basis. The layout of the rooms in your home and the window design will all depend on the direction your home will face. Where the lot is situated among the other lots in the neighborhood will also dictate the direction your home should face.
  5. Soil and foundation go hand in hand. The type of soil on a potential home site has a bearing on the type of foundation your home will need. The soil can affect whether it is built on a slab or with a basement or crawl space. Soil can’t always be predicted before the breaking of ground, but if your builder has built on multiple lots in the same neighborhood, he will probably have a good idea of what to expect from the soil.
  6. Consider the pros and cons of developed and undeveloped land. Established housing developments typically have ready-to-build-on lots that have water, sewer, electricity, gas, cable, phone, and internet ready to hook up. This is very convenient but will only suit you if that is the kind of neighborhood you’re looking for. If you want something a little more rustic, you might look for undeveloped land. However, be prepared to pay the extra fees associated with having utilities brought out to the land for the first time.

New Home Builder in Summerfield, Don Mills, Can Build Your Dream Home on Your Choice of Lot

Whatever type of home site you’re looking for, Don Mills will design and build your custom home to suit the land. Ready-to-build-on lots are available now in Knights Landing, Birkhaven, and Linville Ridge. If you have land already in mind, Don will work with you to build on your lot. Contact Don Mills today at (336)362-1777 to discuss all the incredible possibilities.