10 Custom Home Trends We Love in 2019

Each year brings new design ideas and trends for custom homes. From color to texture to architectural features, there’s a lot of focus on when it comes to style. Consider these 10 home trends that have been featured in Greensboro custom homes in 2019. 


  • Interior Windows. Get the best features of the open and closed floor plan by dividing rooms with windows. Glass and steel are the current trend, providing dividers between rooms that help with noise control without blocking natural light. There is still an open feel, but with a little more organization. 
  • Grand Bathtubs. Garden tubs and soaking tubs have been an item in master bathrooms for decades, but today’s trend makes the tub the focal point of the room. Large, elaborate tubs are making bathrooms feel like a luxury spa. 
  • Backsplash that makes a Bigger Splash. A typical design feature in traditional kitchens is the backsplash, a tiled area of the wall between the counter and the upper cabinets. The trend has now expanded to entire walls with textured tile, either behind open shelving or on a wall without cabinetry. 
  • Bathroom with Wood Features. Bathrooms can be a little cold when everything is tile or stone. Bringing wood grains into the bathroom for the vanity or décor can bring a little warmth in.
  • Black in the Kitchen. While black is not new to the kitchen, large amounts of black is a new trend, with cabinetry, countertops, and even sinks and hardware in bold black.
  • Dusky Wall Colors. In the past many have shied away from using dark wall colors in favor of shades of white or beige. In 2019 the trend is shifting to dark colors like navy, hunter green, and even black for primary wall colors. 
  • Benches with Dining Room Sets. Dining room furniture trends include benches, and while that is a furniture feature rather than a home design feature, if you plan to incorporate bench seating, you may want to design your dining area accordingly to be sure there’s enough space or a bare wall to incorporate your bench seating. 
  • Farmhouse-style Exteriors. While brick has been a dominant exterior façade for luxury homes in the past, 2019 home design is featuring board and batten farmhouse-style exteriors and accents.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Kitchens. The all-natural trend for kitchens (indoor herb gardens, etc.) is leading to kitchens that open to the outside, with glass walls and large doors that open to a patio or deck. 
  • Whole-Room Wall Color. The accent wall is becoming a thing of the past, as now homeowners are choosing to extend the accent color to all four walls. 


Greensboro Custom Homes with the Latest Trends

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