5 Safety Items You Need to Have in Your Home

Many home buyers are choosing to build a custom home in Greensboro because they want a modern and updated house that they don’t have to renovate before they can move in. Part of the desire for updated homes comes from wanting homes that are built for the needs of today’s families, but part of it also comes from a desire to have a home that has modern safety features.  When you are ready to move into your custom home, make sure that it has these 5 safety items:

A Video Doorbell

One of the great things about modern technology is that cameras are now better and more affordable than ever. Video doorbells are fantastic for home safety because they let you see who is at the door before you ever get near it. Unlike a traditional peephole, a video doorbell shows the person in front of the door and a few feet back from the door and to the sides so you will see if anyone else is lurking nearby. The video doorbell also takes photos of the person at the door and can send them directly to your phone or computer. Best of all you can use the video doorbell from an app on your phone so you don’t even have to be at home to answer your door. You know who is at the door, even if you are at work or out shopping.

A Carbon Monoxide Detector

In addition to having a smoke and fire detector on each floor and in each bedroom, you should also have a carbon monoxide detector on each floor to make sure that the levels of carbon monoxide in the home don’t become dangerous. Look for a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector in one unit to make installation easier. You can also have a combination smoke and carbon monoxide detector wired into your home so that it doesn’t need batteries and is always active.

A Smart Home Assistant

Some people think that smart home assistants like the Amazon Echo or Google Home are just for techies and don’t really add any value to a home. However, these devices are quite user-friendly and can actually make your home a lot safer. Older people who have limited mobility can use the smart assistant to summon help with a simple voice command from any room as long as the unit can hear the person’s voice. Parents can use it to “drop in” on kids and make sure the kids are home and doing what they’re supposed to do while the parents are at work. And the assistant can work as an intercom where you can listen to what is going on in other rooms. If your home were ever broken into or you had any kind of emergency, you wouldn’t need to fumble about trying to find a phone to call for help. Just yell out to your smart assistant to call the police or summon the fire squad and it will.

Smart Locks on All The Doors

Smart locks can be programmed to be opened with a passcode, a fingerprint, or even a retina scan so that your kids won’t have to carry keys in order to be able to into the house. Neither will you. No more fumbling for your keys in the dark when you get home at night. Just enter your code or press a button and the door will open. These locks are tamper resistant so that no one can break into your home by breaking a lock.

Digital Security Cameras

Digital security cameras are something every custom-built home in Greensboro should have. Inexpensive digital security cameras help improve safety for your home and for the neighborhood. If neighbors work together and position their cameras so that the fields of vision overlap they can get camera footage of the entire neighborhood which can keep everyone safer.

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