Top Tips on Building a New Home in 2017

Owning a nice home is all part of the “American Dream.” But when you hire a home building contractor in NC to build one for your that matches your specifications, it takes this concept to an entirely new level. However, before you start trying to make any decisions regarding your new home, you need to […]Read More »

6 Tips for Choosing a Location for Your New Home

51B1So you’ve made the big decision to build a new custom home. This is an exciting time with so many choices ahead of you. The first, and quite possibly the most important, is choosing a location. There are so many things to consider, but don’t let it become overwhelming. With the help of your new […]Read More »

How to Downsize Your Home After Retiring

14kl3You’re sitting at the kitchen table drinking your morning cup of coffee when it suddenly hits you. Retirement is just around the corner and your house that once seemed too small now feels more like an airport hangar. This is a good time to consider downsizing and talking to the right custom home builders in […]Read More »

Best Ways to Find the Right Building Contractor in Greensboro

Photo of the entrance way to a home for sale in Greensboro by Don MillsThere are numerous building contractors in Greensboro, so you may find the choices bewildering. Where do you even begin? Here are a few things you will want to consider in trying to decide which one is right for you. Do You Want a Brand New Build or an Existing Home? If you don’t want to […]Read More »

The Advantages of Custom Building Your Next Home

14kl19Are you and your family ready to upgrade to a bigger and better home? If so, you are faced with two basic options:Read More »

Top 4 Questions to Ask Greensboro Builders on Home Construction

New Home for Sale in Greensboro photoYou can get a lot of information about Greensboro builders on their websites. So you should be able to find out about their licensing, experience and maybe even see photos of their home building work. However, there is a lot more important information you will need before signing a contract. Unfortunately, all of the right […]Read More »

6 Secrets to Creating the Ideal Home in Which to Raise Your Kids

Custom home photoOne of the most important decisions parents can make is choosing which home and neighborhood they would like to live in. Fortunately, Don Mills Builders has numerous custom home lots in Greensboro and surrounding areas to choose from. Here are six tips for creating the ideal home for you and your kids: Make sure the […]Read More »

5 Top Reasons to Build Your Next Home

Entry way of custom built home in Greensboro NCAre you trying to decide whether to buy or build your next home? Debating the pros and cons of getting a custom home versus purchasing one that is already complete? Consider the benefits of building a custom home in Greensboro with the elite team at Don Mills Builders. Here are just a few of the […]Read More »

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