Farmhouse Chic and Other Popular Design Trends Explored

farmhouse style decorAre you in the interior design phase of building a custom home? Let the fun begin. You get to choose colors, patterns, and textures to give your home a look that reflects your style and works for your daily life. You may have had a vision in mind from the beginning when you first started looking at custom home lots in Greensboro. Or you may be just starting to think about the interior décor and trying to decide on a particular style or theme. Wherever you are in the process, consider these popular design trends to give you plenty of ideas. 

Farmhouse Chic. This one has been popular for a few years now, but new twists on the same concept keep it relevant year after year. The idea behind farmhouse chic involves taking outdoor or farm-inspired items (such as barn doors, wagon wheels, and mason jars) and repurposing them to look more polished. Put your spin on it and you’ll have a unique look for any room of your home.  

Industrial. The very opposite of farmhouse chic, an industrial style is urban inspired. While it also incorporates outdoor items, the similarity ends there. Industrial style brings raw materials indoors, such as brick, steel, and wood, and leaves them exposed as you might see in a Manhattan loft. 

Oriental Zen. Bring the peace and tranquility of a Zen garden into your home with an oriental theme. Incorporate Asian-inspired art, bamboo, live plants, or even a small indoor fountain for the relaxing sounds of moving water. Keep colors subdued for a natural look.  

Nautical or Beach.  If you love the ocean, whether you live near the water or not, a nautical or beach-inspired theme is always a classic option. Incorporate anchors, ships, and bold stripes or seashells, lighthouses, and pastels. Combine any of these decorative items to create a coastal comfort everyone will love.  

Minimalist. This style is ideal for anyone who likes a neat, clutter-free home. Minimalist is just how it sounds- minimal. Simple furniture, no knick-knacks, neutral colors, and modern art. Bare floors, minimal window treatments, and no-frills are the rules with this design style. 

Retro. The best way to describe retro décor is fun. Retro design involves choosing pieces from a certain period of the past, maybe just one decade (such as the 1960s). Include bold prints, bright colors, and funky accessories that inspire excitement. You can find new items that are retro-inspired, or choose vintage items that have stood the test of time and may need some fresh paint.  

Put your own Style into your New Custom Home 

These are just a few of the currently popular design trends for custom homes. Do some research on these and other styles to find something that suits your unique personality and that of your family. One of the best things about building a custom home is the freedom to design it your way.  

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