6 Trending Luxury Custom Home Features You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

Big Luxury HomeThe top Greensboro custom homebuilders can create a luxury home that has the high-end features that today’s buyers want. Modern luxury homes have beautifully designed custom spaces that make life easier and a lot more enjoyable for you and your family. These days luxurious living means having separate dedicated spaces for all the different things that you love to do at home like entertain, work, workout, and spend quality time pursuing hobbies. Check out these six trending luxury custom home features and imagine having these upgrades in your next home:

Luxurious Suites For Every Member Of The Family

It’s not just the homeowner that gets a suite anymore in a luxury home. Luxury suites containing large bedrooms with sitting rooms or sitting nooks, walk-in closets, and spa-like luxury bathrooms for every member of the household are the hottest trend in new luxury homes. When everyone in the home has their own suite, everyone has the space they need for today’s modern lifestyle. Giving kids their own suites also gives them rooms that they can grow into instead of outgrowing.

Indoor Courtyards For True Indoor Outdoor Combination Living

The frenetic pace of modern life has made having a peaceful home that incorporates natural elements very important. There’s no better way to do that than to design a custom luxury home that features indoor courtyards and spaces with trees and plants. These courtyards are protected from the elements, but let in sun and fresh air. They can be customized with water features, koi ponds, and lush landscaping as well as fire pits and other design features that will make them great spaces to entertain guests or to do some yoga or meditation.

A Home Gym Customized For Your Preferences

Is a luxury home really complete without a customized home gym? A few weight machines tucked into a spare bedroom or the basement just won’t cut it for homeowners who want to maximize their workout time. Custom home gyms with high-end exercise equipment, mirrored walls, dance barres, and other specialized equipment are very much on trend and will give luxury homes the kind of dedicated space that homeowners want to workout in or have a personal trainer come to train them.

A True Mud Room For Dropping Shoes And Coats

Having a mudroom is pretty common these days, but in luxury homes, a mudroom isn’t just a hallway or a glorified closet. Luxury homes these days are incorporating actual spacious rooms just off the side door or back door where the nanny can drop strollers and other equipment, the kids can put their shoes, coats, and toys, and where everyone coming in the home can have a place to put their things. Luxury mudrooms have extensive custom storage, closets, countertops for placing bags and parcels, and other features that keep the family organized.

Creativity Inspiring Home Office Suites

Now that working from home is common, people who work at home need more than a spare bedroom to use as an office. The best Greensboro custom homebuilders are getting more and more requests to build creativity-inspiring custom office suites into luxury homes. These office suites feature a meeting or conference space in an office with large windows and custom cabinetry, countertops, and shelving.

Separate Guest Or In-Law Apartments

Another very popular item that home buyers want in luxury custom homes is a separate guest or in-law apartment. A simple extra bedroom just won’t do.  Now homeowners want to give long term guests or in-laws who come to stay privacy and autonomy with a suite that has a kitchen or a kitchenette, a beautiful bathroom, a sitting room, a bedroom, and even a deck or patio of their own.

If you’re interested in exploring more luxury options for your custom home talk with a design expert at Don Mills Builders today.