Custom Home Upgrades to Wow Your Friends

One of the many advantages to building a custom home is the opportunity you will have to add upgrades that dramatically improve the experience of living in that new house. As you get ready to finalize your design plan, consider the custom home upgrade ideas outlined below.


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Add a Pool

There isn’t anything else that serves as a showstopper quite like a pool on the property of a custom home. Not only does the pool add the functional benefit of being a place to have fun with family and friends, the shimmering blue water and surrounding pool deck can serve as a notable visual component. Pool ownership isn’t for everyone, but it is something to at least consider in the planning stages of your new home design.


Create a Lounge or Bar

To make your custom home stand out from the pack, you might want to add rooms that aren’t typically seen in other homes – like a bar or lounge room. This room could include an area to serve drinks, some comfortable chairs, and maybe a recreational component like a pool table or dartboard. Since you are designing a custom home, you’ll have the flexibility to include this space in your design in an area that makes sense for the overall flow of the property.


Home Theater Experience

Home theaters have become more common in recent years, but you can make yours stand out by creating a large space with a huge screen, great sound, and terraced seating. Thanks to the great technology that is available to homeowners today, you’ll be able to build an experience that rivals even the best commercial theater locations. Your homebuilder will likely bring in a contractor that specializes in audio/visual equipment to help put together this room perfectly.


An Athletic Court

Most homeowners are forced to head outside when they want to play basketball, tennis, or some other sport – but you might be able to design such a space into the layout of your house. An indoor sports center would be an incredible addition to your property, and it may not cost as much as you might think to add. This kind of space could be created as an attachment to your home, or it could be a separate building on the property.


Wine Cellar

This is another idea that will appeal to a particular segment of the homebuying market. If you are a wine collector and enjoy getting deep into the details of various varieties and labels, a dedicated wine cellar room may be worth including in the design. Not only can your wine cellar serve as a great place to store bottles, but it can also be a key design element that adds interest and style to the lowest floor of your custom home.

Are Lumber Costs Too High to Build a Custom Home?

If you pay attention to the markets, you will already know that lumber costs have soared recently, which got a lot of publicity, but then they also came way down closer to the normal price range.  The rise in lumber generated a lot of news coverage but the return to the historic norms did not.  Of course, it takes a lot of lumber to build a home, so you may be wondering if you should wait on building your home until those prices drop even more. The short answer is no – now is still a great time to build a new custom home. For the longer version of that answer, read on.


As a leading builder of custom homes in Greensboro, Don Mills Builders should be one of your first calls as you plan a custom home project in the area. When quality is at the top of your priority list, Don Mills is the right choice.


Seeing the Big Picture

There is no way around the reality that higher lumber prices mean it will cost more to build a home. But just because something costs more than it used to doesn’t mean now is not a good time to build your custom dream home. For one thing, no one can predict markets with any certainty, so prices may go back up and elevated lumber prices may simply become the norm going forward. It isn’t known if or when those prices will bottom out or what they will be next month or even next year.  So, you could be putting off building your house for years only to find that the prices never did return to their old low levels.


Instead of betting on lumber prices, and delaying this exciting project, just consider the cost of building your custom home as it is today. Does the project fit into your budget currently? Will you be able to build the house of your dreams for a price that makes sense for your family? Those are the important questions to ask, rather than worrying about lumber prices that can vary from year to year and month to month.


Affordable Lending

Another important factor in this equation is the low mortgage rates that are currently available for many borrowers. What you will have to spend in additional lumber costs may be more than offset by the savings you’ll enjoy through locking in a mortgage at the current low rates. You may find that these rates go back up once lumber prices come down, meaning you wouldn’t end up saving anything even if you waited. In fact, you’ll probably be happy to pay a bit more for wood if it means you can lock in a low mortgage rate that you will be enjoying for the next 30 years.


Create Your Legacy

There are few projects you can take on that will be quite as exciting as building a custom home. That’s particularly true when you work with a respected builder like Don Mills, as the finished product will be something you can’t wait to show off to family and friends for years to come. Lumber prices are just one of many factors that come together in determining the overall cost of a home, so don’t focus too much of your attention on this one piece of the puzzle. Work with a great builder, pick out the perfect lot, and look forward to the day that you can move in.

Wolf Ridge – Lot#11 – 5700 Grey Wind Ct.

Beautiful new construction by Don Mills Home Builders on the corner lot of the cul-de-sac in one of Oak Ridge’s most popular new developments. Located minutes from shopping and restaurants and in sought after Northwest school system. Primary on main adjacent to large living space and ezview screened, three season covered porch. Impressive home theatre above with additional two bedrooms and bonus. Room for all your toys in the 4 car garage! Schedule a tour today!

Year Built 2021
Beds 4
Baths 4.5
Sq. Ft. 4,274
Lot Size 40,075 Sq. Ft., 0.92 acres
Listing Id 1027008

Pemberley Estates at Oak Ridge