Granite vs. Marble: Which One Might be Best for You?

Granite vs Marble

Are you trying to decide between granite and marble for your countertops? One of the advantages of working with Greensboro custom home builders is that you have many choices to customize your home. But with so many choices it can be hard to make decisions. 

When it comes to stone countertops, granite and marble are high on the list of favorites. Here are the pros and cons of each to help you make the best choice for you. 

Granite Pros:


  • Durable. Granite is tough and solid. It can withstand messes, moisture, and frequent use. 
  • Low maintenance. Granite is relatively low maintenance, only requiring resealing once a year and regular wiping to prevent stains. 
  • Heat resistant. While granite is resistant to heat, it is still best to use trivets or pot holders under hot pots and pans to avoid heat damage. 
  • Variety of colors and patterns. You’ll have plenty of designs to choose from to adequately match the style and colors of your kitchen or bathroom. 
  • More affordable than marble. Granite does cost less than marble but still looks luxurious. 


Granite Cons:


  • Can stain. Like any stone countertop material, granite can be stained. Sealing can help prevent stains, but it is still best to wipe up spills immediately. 
  • Scratches easily. Even when sealed, granite countertops can be scratched. Be careful with knives, utensils, and appliances. 
  • Must be sealed yearly. Although granite is relatively low maintenance, it does need to be resealed each year to protect against stains, heat, and moisture. 


Marble Pros:


  • Elegant look. Marble offers a high class, unique style to your kitchen and bathrooms that is unmatched by any other material. 
  • Heat resistant. Like granite, marble is resistant to heat. It is still recommended to use trivets or pot holders under hot pots and pans. 
  • Variety of colors and patterns. Marble also comes in a wide range of styles with varying hues and vein patterns. 


Marble Cons:


  • Higher cost than granite. With the elegant look of marble comes a higher price tag. This is the reason that marble is associated with luxury. 
  • More susceptible to staining. Marble that is well sealed will generally resist stains, but it’s highly porous nature leaves it slightly more vulnerable to stains than granite. Most staining can be avoided by wiping up spills immediately. 
  • Scratches easily. Just like granite, marble can be scratched. Be extra cautious with sharp utensils and put padding under appliances. 
  • Requires more maintenance. Resealing marble is recommended more often than granite. Every 3-6 months offers the best results. 


Choose from Endless Options with Greensboro Custom Home Builders 

When it comes to granite vs. marble it seems the main differences are cost and appearance. Marble will cost more to purchase and maintain but looks slightly more elegant. Granite is more affordable, lower maintenance, and offers a comparable look. 

In addition to these options, there are many more countertop materials available that offer a range of styles, colors, and prices. Don Mills, Greensboro custom home builders, can offer you a variety of choices for kitchen and bathroom countertops to achieve the look you want within your price range. 

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