The Advantages of Custom Building Your Next Home

Are you and your family ready to upgrade to a bigger and better home? If so, you are faced with two basic options:

  1. Search for existing homes in your area in an attempt to find one you like that also meets your needs, or…
  2. Have a home custom designed and built to meet all of your wants and needs.

Which option sounds more satisfying? Obviously, there is a greater chance of success with option two. More and more homebuyers are choosing to have a custom home built on a lot of their choice. There are many reasons why.

Advantages of Custom Homes in Greensboro:

  • Your home your way. Your home is where you live every day and sleep every night. It should be a place you can relax and feel happy, where you can live your life the way you want. Custom building gives you the freedom to design a home to fit the way you do things, rather than changing the way you do things to fit your home. Every feature down to the décor will reflect your wants and needs and that of your family members. Don’t waste time looking all over town for a home and failing to find one that suits you or settling for a home that’s only good enough, but not exactly right.
  • Choose your own lot. Besides the home itself, the land it sits on matters too. If you enjoy spending time outdoors gardening, grilling, entertaining, etc., you will need the right type of yard. If you want the kids to have room to play, space for the dog to run, and the liberty to develop the land over time, you will need a piece of land that will allow for that. When searching existing homes you may find the right house that just happens to be situated on the wrong land. Custom building eliminates that problem.
  • Brand new, never lived in before. There’s just something special about being the first one to live in a brand new home. Everything is shiny and clean and there are no unfortunate surprises.
  • Latest technology features. Home building is an ever-changing industry. New technological advances are made every day when it comes to features, building materials, green options, and more. When you have a custom home built, you have the opportunity to incorporate the latest trends.

Have Your New Home Built by Premier Greensboro Builder Don Mills

Are you ready to have a new custom home designed and built just for you and your family? Don Mills builds custom homes in Greensboro in many of the most desired new neighborhoods in the area. Ready-to-build lots are available now in Knights Landing, Birkhaven, Linville Ridge, and more. Don’t waste time looking for the right home when Don Mills can design and build your dream home to exceed your expectations. Call (336)362-1777 to start building your dreams today.