New Home Builders in Summerfield Find the Best Lots for New Homes

You’ve found the perfect neighborhood and a wonderful new home builder in Summerfield. Now, it’s time to choose the lot for the location of your new home. Your builder may have a few lots already designated and ready for home building within the neighborhood, so it is your personal choice to decide which lot is the best for you. This decision involves many factors and lifestyle details, which will help you narrow your choices for the perfect lot for your new custom home. Take the time to view the daily traffic patterns, research the land for easements, and review the shape of the lot and sun-facing direction for your ideal location. Don Mills Builders has home lots that work with our custom home designs, offering the best value and natural characteristics for you to enjoy the best views for peaceful and comfortable living. You can be sure you will get the best of both worlds when you chose Don Mills to build your home in one of their premier neighborhoods.

Each Lot Location Has a Different Traffic Pattern

Visit the neighborhood that you are going to build in with your building contractor from Summerfield, and get a feel for the amount of traffic during the peak hours of the day, from 7-9AM and 4-6PM. This will help you to discover which lots provide the best setback and location. You may need to be near an entrance to get to work quickly, or you may prefer to be near the back of the neighborhood where it is quieter. According to an article in, the various lot locations, such as T-shaped intersection, Cul-de-sac and corner lots, are explained:

“Corner lots have traffic on two sides and are typically larger, requiring more landscaping and yard maintenance. If there are sidewalks on both sides, you’ve got more snow to clear in the winter. On the positive side, corner lots allow a side-load garage. They also bring higher visibility to a home, so you’ll need a design with street appeal on two sides instead of just the facade.

Lots at the end of a T-shaped intersection must contend with oncoming headlights from nighttime traffic. Homes on these lots should be designed to minimize unwanted light in living and sleeping areas.”

Detailed Lot Information Helps Homebuyers to Make Informed Decisions

Prospective homebuyers need to be well-informed about the particulars of their lot. What you physically see on the lot is valuable information, and what is below the lot and surrounding the lot is even better information. As a new home builder in Summerfield, Don Mills Builders provides accurate and updated information on the lots so the homebuyer will know exactly what is included with their individual lot. On, easement locations help with your decision making:

“Before proceeding, you should have chosen a house plan or have a good idea of the dimensions of the house you plan to build. Make sure the plan fits within the buildable area of the lot. Watch out for lots with rock outcroppings, embankments, or other physical characteristics that will reduce the buildable area. Check for unusual setback lines or utility easements. Easements usually run along one side of the lot, but in some cases there may be more than one easement, or they may be plotted through the middle of the property. Consult with your builder or developer to check the location of easements.”

Landscape Enthusiasts Search for Sunshine

If you would like to grow a garden or have a beautiful landscape design, the direction of the sun is a high priority factor to consider when selecting a lot. Different lots provide various benefits for gardeners, according to

“If you’re a gardener, look for lots with maximum sunlight for your backyard gardens. If you want showy landscaping at the front of your home, make sure it gets enough sun. Corner lots often provide a large side yard in addition to a front and back yard and can offer more flexibility for growing plants.”

As an experienced new home builder in Summerfield, Don Mills Builders will work closely with you to help select the lot that will meet all of your needs. All of our lots are located in distinguished neighborhoods offering the best environments for your new dream home. Don Mills understands the importance of location and are here to help you discern the best location for your new home. Your building requirements, outdoor living space plan, and family’s lifestyle are all necessary for creating the optimal home that is specifically for you. When you need a building contractor in Summerfield, contact Don Mills Builders at 336-362-1777 for more information.

(Source: How to Select a Building Lot,, 2015)