Is a Mother-in-Law Suite a Good Investment?

One of the many appealing things about building a custom home is how much input you have in the design process. This new home can take on any shape and size you like, as long as it meets with local building codes. Adding a mother-in-law suite to your new house is something you may be considering, as this feature is increasingly popular in new construction. This article will take a closer look at the pros and cons of mother-in-law suites.


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Many Benefits to Consider

There is a lot to like about creating a custom home design that includes a mother-in-law suite. For starters, this house design will give you added flexibility in terms of how you use the home as the years go by.


Despite the name, this feature can do far more than simply serve as a home for an aging parent. It will be suited for that use, of course, but there are many other applications. For instance, a child who needs to move back home after college would have a private area to live in until they move out permanently. Or this separate area of the home could be used as an office to meet with clients and customers. When you think about how many ways this part of the home could be used, it starts to look like a wise decision to include it in your plans.


One Notable Drawback

Perhaps the only notable drawback to this design is giving away square footage to a part of the home that isn’t conveniently connected to the rest. If you are set on a certain number of square feet for the house – based on your budget – you’ll have to use up some of that space on the mother-in-law suite. That could come at the expense of another feature you may have wanted to add, like a game room or home gym. Like anything else in the home building process, you’ll have to weigh the benefits of each potential feature before deciding what your final floor plan will look like.


Lifestyle Over Investment

If you are going through the process of creating a custom home with one of the top builders in Greensboro, you are doing it because you want to live in that home for many years to come. With that in mind, don’t focus on the investment aspect as much as the practical side of how this new home will serve your family. If a mother-in-law suite is something that will provide great value and improve the well-being of everyone in the family, then it’s certainly worth including. And, as a bonus, plenty of potential buyers will be drawn to this feature when the time comes to one day sell the house.