Custom Homes in Greensboro

The adjective of custom is defined by Google as- “made or done to order for a particular customer.” The definition does not indicate any kind of limitations upon what the customer wants. That is exactly the kind of custom homes in Greensboro that Don Mills Builders construct.

Who Builds a Custom Home?

A person who builds a custom home wants to have the choice of all the details. This does not mean choosing between just two or three options. These are not cookie cutter houses where all you get to choose is the color of the walls, or where there is another house just like it three doors down. Each detail is a reflection of your family, and how you live.

If all you want is a run of the mill, then custom building is not for you. If you have the vision to see the space that will encapsulate your family, then building your custom home is the right choice. It can be overwhelming with everything that must be done, but that is why you choose a builder that can help you along the way. Due to the uniqueness of each custom home build, it is important to Don and his team to keep good communication between the buyer and the team.

The Choices Are All Yours When Building Your Dream Home

Custom Homes are a one-of-a-kind house built with an unlimited range of design choices. A buyer who wants to choose most of the details of their new home should work with a custom builder. By no means, are you alone in the process at Don Mills Builders, you can rely on their experience to help you make good design choices.

If you want a deck, you can have it. If you want a music room, you can have it. If you want a gourmet kitchen, you can have it. Your only limitations are your budget, local zoning, and building codes. This is why a person chooses to have their house custom built to get all the features that matters to them. No compromising has to be made to build your dream home.

The Home Plans Are All Yours

You are not usually limited to “select” plans, but allowed to takes a blank slate and make all the choices to design the perfect home for your family’s needs. There is no such thing as an upgrade at a Don Mills Builders home, it is already a part of the plan. They are not tract home builders, but custom dream home builders.

Your imagination is the starting point of your dream home, and if they do not have a design like yours then they will apply all their resources to find or create what you want. You can even bring your own pre-drawn plans to the table to have Don Mills Builders construct it.

Building a completely custom home is not for everyone. Every little decision needs to be made by you. This can be daunting to many but if unique is what you want in a home, then custom homes are the route for you. In Greensboro that means Don Mills Builders. You will have a quality built home that is all designed around the stuff of dreams.