Architectural Styles for Custom Homes

The great thing about building a custom home is that it’s a blank slate. Other than having to conform to local building codes and the realities of your property, you’ll be able to do just about whatever you want with this new structure. While that’s a blessing, it can also be a challenge – where do you start when there are no limits?


Picking an architectural style is a great way to focus your design process and get the ball rolling. Also, working with Don Mills, the builder behind some of the best custom homes Greensboro has to offer, will give you a leg up in this process. Reach out to Don Mills today to learn more.


Considering the Popular Styles

To get started, you’ll want to take a look at some of the leading home styles in the country today. While you don’t have to stick with what’s popular, of course, these categories will give you a starting point and you can go from there with your design. The list below touches on some of the main styles that dominate the American residential landscape.


  • As the name would suggest, these homes are full of interesting details, hand-crafted touches, and a custom feel. It makes sense when building a custom home to go with an architectural style that will play up the custom nature of the building, so this is a great pick.
  • The trend of open floor plans and clean lines in housing can be directly traced to the modern architectural style. It’s not hard to spot a house that falls into this category, as the outside will be clean and simple, perhaps with the use of metal in addition to wood.
  • Found in suburbs from coast to coast, ranch houses are single-floor designs that take advantage of ample land to create a large interior without the need to build higher. Similar to the trend within the modern style, ranch houses often feature floor plans with plenty of open space.
  • This is perhaps the easiest style of home for the average person to recognize. The intricate details included in a Victorian home – and in Victorian furniture – are easy to spot and will stand out boldly in the typical American neighborhood.


No Right Answer

The best architectural style for your new home is the one that you love and will serve your design needs. You don’t have to feel compelled to fit in with the crowd or even with your geography – a custom home should be a dream home, and it’s your dream that is being brought to life. Take the time to explore plenty of pictures of various styles and feel free to blend two or more of them together to create a unique property.


When it’s time to get started with this project, contact Don Mills to discuss your design ideas, or to ask for ideas from a professional. When it comes to custom homes in Greensboro, no matter what architectural style is desired, Don Mills is the place to start.