122 Lennox Woods

122 Lennox Woods

Custom Home Innovations for 2022

The world of home building is constantly evolving. Something that is on the cutting edge one year can be seen as out of date just a couple of years later. When building a custom home of your own in North Carolina, it’s a good idea to stay up to date on the latest and greatest innovations in the industry. This article will introduce you to some of the exciting innovations that are appealing to those building homes in 2022.


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Balanced Floor Plans

If you pay attention to residential home design and construction, you’ll already know that the last couple of decades have seen a dramatic shift toward the idea of “open concept” design. With this style of house, fewer walls are used to divide up rooms, and more big spaces are created. This trend certainly isn’t going away, but 2022 is likely to see a continued shift toward a more balanced approach. So, along with a large great room, for example, a home may have several other, smaller spaces to be used for various purposes.


Bringing the Outside In

Welcoming nature into the house is more important than ever. If you have spent more time than usual at home over the last couple of years, you probably appreciate the windows you do have – and you may wish for more. Strategically using windows to bring in natural light and open up the best view available on your property, is something that never goes out of style.


High-Tech Home Office

Another trend that has picked up steam since 2020 and will only continue to grow is the work-from-home movement. Whether you work out of your house part-time or full-time, having a great office space is a big advantage. When building a new custom home, you can keep this feature in mind and add elements that are particularly well-suited to your professional requirements. That could mean building in advanced connectivity, additional audio/visual features, or other pieces that will help your office be a dream space as soon as you move in.


The Growth of the Game Room

One of the best things about designing your own home from the ground up is being able to include fun, unique features that set your house apart from the rest. Adding a dedicated game room is one such idea that is worthy of careful consideration. No matter what you want to add to the game room – options like a pool table, arcade machines, large TVs, and more are all available – having the space in your house for this luxury starts with creating the right floor plan. You might plan on creating this game room space from day one, or you might just want it as an option later down the line. Either way, the first step is a layout for your house that keeps the possibility open, perhaps by including a big basement or large upstairs loft.

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