What to Do BEFORE Building a Custom Home in Greensboro

As any custom home builder in Greensboro will tell you right up front, after a certain point in the process, changes become very expensive. You have a much better chance of making your dream home a reality if you do some research beforehand and have a very good idea of what you want before choosing a company to deliver a residence that will bring you joy. Here are some of the most important areas on which to focus.

Choosing the Floor Plan for Your Custom Home in Greensboro

Floor plans are readily available to view online, or in printed books, and this is where you should begin. But even if you think you already have some idea about how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want, or prefer a style or number of floors, start by looking at everything. Because houses that don’t suit your requirements may still have features you hadn’t thought of. Make a list of all the features you like, you can narrow them down later. The best way to fine a floor plan that will suit you, is to picture going through your daily routines in each house. Imagine both workdays and weekends, looking at the flow.

Collect Photos for Your Dream Custom Home in Greensboro

There are so many decisions to be made when building a house from scratch. Everything from kitchen cabinets and countertops to bathroom and lighting fixtures, and down to the face plates on your light switches. It will save a great deal of time, and increase your chances of getting a house you love, if you already have some idea of the styles you like most, before having to choose amongst the options offered by a custom home builder in Greensboro. So, look online and at décor magazines and start a collection of photos. The exterior style of a house, plus kitchens and bathrooms are of the utmost importance, so pay close attention to those. But you should also have references for flooring and colors, as well as a great many tiny details.

Picking a Neighborhood for Your Custom Home in Greensboro

Before you start driving around, get out a map and plot the places you go most often. A work commute may be of primary importance to most people, but you want to consider extra-curricular activities, as well. If you go to a favorite gym regularly or go to school, these are also considerations. So look at both routes and alternatives. You may find that a different gym near the location you want most for your custom home in Greensboro is a trade-off you’re willing to make. Distance might not be the most important factor if there is a good highway and you’re schedule does not include normal rush hours.

Don Mills Builders is a premier custom home builder in Greensboro. They offer a wide variety of floorplans, as well as standard and upgrade features to choose from. Call (336) 362-1777 for a free consultation.

Nine Ways Your NC Custom Home Builder Can Create a Modern House with a Vintage Feel

Love all the contemporary upgrades you get with a custom-built new home, but still yearn for the vintage charm of an older house? The right North Carolina custom builder can bring together the best of both worlds by creating a traditional, well-designed space that incorporates the latest advancements in home comfort.

A city with as much history and character as Greensboro makes a perfect setting to fashion a classic household. Whether you like Craftsman, Victorian or mid-century modern, your builder should channel your creative ideas into the perfect blend of form and function. See where your imagination takes you by considering these different ways you can personalize your new space:

  1. The custom home lot

    The ideal home lot in Greensboro will provide the perfect setting for your one-of-a-kind vintage-style house. For instance, consider a lot with older trees for instant traditional landscaping. Your custom builder will help you explore all such possibilities for securing the perfect plot of land that accommodates your space and building needs.

  2. The exterior

    There is no replacement for curb appeal – your show-stopper of a residence should impress the minute anyone lays eyes on it. Exterior accents like paint, brick, wood, shutters and other features provide ample opportunities to make a statement and showcase your personality upfront. You may want to peruse your local historic neighborhoods in Greensboro for ideas.

  3. Wood

    Moving indoors, where can you start to create vintage character? Think about wood! Wooden ceiling beams, walls and floors are classic features.

  4. Crown molding

    Few things in a house evoke a bygone era more immediately than crown molding. Talk to your builder about options for classic molding styles.

  5. Color

    Consider subtle hues on the walls and the ceilings to establish a timeless North Carolina feel.

  6. Appliances

    There are many state-of-the-art new appliances that are created to look quaint, such as stoves, refrigerators and dishwashers, and even microwave ovens.

  7. Plumbing

    Your modern bathroom can still take you back in time with finishes like a claw foot bathtub and an antique-style sink and faucet.

  8. Built-ins

    Hallmarks of classic buildings include built-ins. Custom-built shelving and cabinets are great for storage and for showing off your retro collections.

  9. Details

    What really sets apart a vintage house are the little things, such as sconces and hardware with antique finishes, glass doorknobs and wrought-iron bannisters. This is where the fun really begins, and your builder should be right there with you helping you pick the right finishing touches for your forever home.

Ready to get started now on your modern vintage home in Greensboro? Call Don Mills Builders, where you’ll find that classic kind of quality and craftsmanship that can make your vintage dreams come true from the lot up.

The Dos and Don’ts of Custom Home Building

Custom home building is an exciting and rewarding process. But for most, it is also a journey that begins in uncharted territory. It can be confusing, overwhelming, and many don’t know where to start. When beginning your search for the best home builders in Greensboro, equip yourself with tips from people who have done it before you to make your task simpler and more enjoyable. Outlining the to-do’s will create focal points while naturally highlighting the don’ts.

The Dos

You’ll notice a common theme of your to-do list; and that is research. Just as you’re doing now; researching provides you with the education and expectations to prepare you for a successful project.

  • Do your own planning first: Devising a plan of the type of home, its materials, style, and layout you want are important precursors that may impact your choice of home builder. Take your time and create a journal of your desires until a solid plan is carved out. Once you have a solid plan, then you can start researching home builders who can deliver it.
  • Do research builders: There are many builders to choose from. Distinguishing the best home builders in Greensboro from average ones will help you find the right builder with the skills and experience you need to guide you through the complex process of building a custom home. Visiting their websites, jobsites, model homes, and searching for any complaints online about them will help narrow down your selection.
  • Do ask experts: After researching and narrowing down a selection of contractors, also ask industry affiliates for their opinions on your contractors. Real estate agents, sub-contractors, and even inspectors can help you reduce your list to the top selections.
  • Do research numerous layouts for your home: Researching layouts is important. These are the plans for how functional and aesthetically pleasing your home will be. Play around with several layouts. If you change the kitchen, see how that will impact your dining area or other adjacent area. This is your custom home, so make it yours.

Now that you know the dos, guessing the don’ts is easy:

  • Don’t start without a plan
  • Don’t rush the planning stage
  • Don’t go with the first home builder.
  • Don’t settle for layouts

Now that you have a plan for beginning the process of finding the best home builders in Greensboro, keep the momentum going; there’s a lot more to learn about the process of building Greensboro custom homes.

Choose one of the best home builders in Greensboro

When choosing Don Mills to build Greensboro custom homes, you’re choosing one of the best home builders in Greensboro. Since 1988 Don Mills has had a reputation of being one of the finest in the industry. Let Don Mills Builders answer your questions and walk you through how you can easily become a custom home owner.

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5 Things to Consider When Building Your Custom Home

There are lots of decisions to make throughout the process of building a custom home. From location to style, you will make many small decisions that will make your home your own. It’s easy to get lost in the small details from countertops to bathroom fixtures. While doing so, you may miss some of the most important things that will make your home a happier one. Read on to discover 5 often overlooked things homeowners should consider when building a custom home.

Design of Your New Home

Most new home builders in Summerfield offer you a pre-drawn plan and allow you to customize it to your tastes. Don’t feel stuck with the pre-drawn plans. If you find you’d rather have a room in another location, or an additional window; it’s always a good idea to ask your custom home builder if he or she can modify the design to suit your personal style.

Homebuilding Budget

Everyone has one, but how you manage it can make or break your plans for your new home. The budget can be bled dry or kept in check, it’s all up to you because it is based on your decisions. Being a part of every change and approval is the best method to keep your expenses on track. Keep the lines of communication open with your home builder to maintain control of your budget.

Lighting Your New Home: Natural and Artificial

A need list is not a list of everything you could dream of, it should actually precede that list. Making a need list will help determine exactly how much your new home addition project will cost, and how much of the additional ‘wants’ you can afford.

Laundry Room Placement in Your House

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is assuming your existing systems can handle a new addition’s demands. Meeting with your builder initially will help you determine if you need to expand your electrical and HVAC systems, which could cost more than you anticipated.

Landscaping Your Summerfield Home

You’re going to be really busy getting the plans together for the interior of your home, but don’t forget about the exterior: landscaping. Planning grading, landscaping, and irrigation will protect your foundation while helping you create a beautiful space for outdoor living. You won’t spend all your time inside your custom home. Make sure you have a great place to go outside and enjoy the elements.

Start Building Your Ideal Custom Home with New Home Builders in Summerfield

Now that you know some of the secrets of how to make your custom home building process easier, start your project with the best of all new home builders in Summerfield. Don Mills Builders will help you plan and build your custom dream home. Get started today by calling Don Mills at (336) 362-1777.

Top Tips on New Home Addition Construction

A new home addition can be the next best option to moving into a larger house, offering more living space and a new look with increased functionality. Are you looking for some tips from expert building contractors in Greensboro? Don Mills is a premier builder in Greensboro and can ensure your addition project goes smoothly. The following tips can help you get the addition you have dreamed of.

Get Surveyed to Determine Property Lines Before Building

Most homeowners may not be aware there are rules and regulations about adding onto their home. Even if you know precisely where your property line is, you may not know the laws regarding how close your new structure can be to other structures, even if they aren’t on your property. Not checking this first could result in a legal order that your new space be torn down.

Talk to Your Neighbors Before Your Builder Begins Work

While this isn’t a ‘legal’ requirement, it is a good step towards ensuring a smooth project and a well-preserved relationship. Talking to your neighbors and giving them a heads up will make them feel valued. Any concerns they may have could be allayed and help keep the peace.

Make a ‘Need’ List for Your Greensboro Home Addition

A need list is not a list of everything you could dream of, it should actually precede that list. Making a need list will help determine exactly how much your new home addition project will cost, and how much of the additional ‘wants’ you can afford.

Evaluate Utilities with Your Contractor

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is assuming your existing systems can handle a new addition’s demands. Meeting with your builder initially will help you determine if you need to expand your electrical and HVAC systems, which could cost more than you anticipated.

Make a Budget for your New Building Project

Once you finalize your need list and determine if your current systems can handle the new load– determine the cost and if it meets your budget. If you have to remove a few ‘wants’ to get to your budget, that’s ok. Save those updates for a later time and start enjoying a larger living space sooner.

Contact the Premier Building Contractor in Greensboro to Start Your Project Today

Among the building contractors in Greensboro, Don Mills is among the most well-versed in planning and building home additions. Don Mills Builders knows the ins and outs of the unique project of home addition planning and constructing. Call today to get your home addition project off the ground at (336) 362-1777.

Choosing the Right Lot for your Custom Home

Having a custom home built is an amazing experience. An original design made to suit your wants and needs built brand new just for you and your family. But the whole extraordinary process begins with an important choice: your home site. Greensboro builders, like Don Mills, usually work in certain neighborhoods, and can show you available lots in these subdivisions. You also have the option of finding your own lot and hiring a Greensboro contractor to build on it. However you go about it, there are some important things to consider when choosing the right lot for your custom home.

  • Location within the neighborhood. You will need to decide whether you want a lot near the entrance of the neighborhood (more traffic but more convenient), a corner lot (bigger yard, but more landscaping work), or a lot on a cul-de-sac (less traffic, but front yards are often small due to the wedge shape of the lot). Find out what the future plans are for the subdivision so that you will know if further expansion will impact your lot.
  • Direction the lot and your home will face. The lot itself within the neighborhood may dictate which way your home will face. Facing east means the sun will light up the front of your house in the morning and be shady in the afternoon. Facing west means a shady backyard in the hottest part of the day.
  • Characteristics of the site itself. Are you looking for a shaded lot with plenty of trees or an open lot with plenty of sun? Do you want a flat lot or one that is graded? Trees can offer cool shade but can also be a hazard in stormy weather and are expensive to remove if necessary. Homes can be built into unevenly graded lots to take advantage of the landscape, but flat ground means more flexible design options.
  • Lighting. Seriously consider the natural and artificial lighting you will want in your home. The more natural light, the more energy you save. Skylights, large windows, and doors with windows let in natural light that is beneficial to your health.

Don Mills Builders Will Create the Home of your Dreams on your Favorite Lot

Don Mills Inc. will help you find the right lot for your dream home. You can choose your home site first and we will design a home that suits the lot, or you can choose a home design first and a lot can be found that suits the home to be built.

Call Don Mills Builders at (336) 362-1777 to find the right home site for your new home.

Choosing a Home Builder in Greensboro, NC

Thinking about building a new home in Greensboro? Now, may be the perfect time. Sales for new homes in our area showed a nice increase in 2015, and 2016 is off to a strong start. So how do you begin? When building a new home, most people rank lot selection as the top priority, and while location is important, choosing the right builder to handle the job is equally vital. Here are a few key points about home construction along with a few essential tips to guide your decision-making.

New Homes – More than Structures

When you envision your new home, whether here in Greensboro or elsewhere, we are guessing that you focus on more than how the walls, floors and rooflines will look. If you’re like most of us, a home represents your dreams, helps define and enable your lifestyle and embodies your hopes for the future. When envisioning your new home, you will see your family enjoying breakfast in a sunny kitchen, or reading by the fireplace. You may even see your grandchildren at play in a cozy playroom. If you are building a home for the first time, it’s a chance to create spaces that are truly personal and functional for the way your family prefers to live, relax and play. You will want to work with a builder who is comfortable with customizing, and is open to your specific design ideas, or wishes. Most importantly, you will want to find a builder who can share your vision for the final version of your new home and how it fits into the Greensboro community and landscape

More than Blueprints

Constructing a new home is a complex matrix of planning, zoning issues, timing, budgets, materials, permits, subcontractors, approvals and finish work. Everything has to be right, especially the sequencing. A builder who is experienced in managing the details of the different procedures and requirements, and who is proficient in scheduling and directing work flows, is likely to be more time and cost efficient. We like working with good estimators too. There is minimal material waste, fewer cost overruns—and almost no budgetary surprises.

More than a Home Builder

All those multiple steps and processes involved in building a new home require time, and throughout the many processes your builder should be your advocate, and your partner, looking out for your best interests every step of the way. When selecting a builder, remember, you will be working with this individual for up to six months or more, so compatibility and trust should be considered along with general contracting skills. Will you feel comfortable collaborating with this builder over the long term? Can you rely on this builder to consult with you when problems arise, or before making on-the-spot decisions? Does this individual enjoy a positive relationship and show good direction capabilities with subcontractors, vendors and local zoning officials and building inspectors?

New Home Builder’s SOP

SOP refers to Scope of Responsibility, and for the new home builder, that scope is wide. It encompasses hiring, managing and paying subcontractors; ensuring all subcontracted work is up to code; tracking costs, submitting payments, providing lien clearances for all completed work, scheduling inspections and much more. Because each of the responsibilities requires accuracy and timely execution, the builder’s experience can be a plus. Every home builder in Greensboro was once a new home builder, so rather than dismiss someone who is just starting out in the business, look at their overall experience in other areas to evaluate their qualifications for your new home project.

Builder Portfolio

What other new homes has this individual built in the Greensboro area? Take the time to request a portfolio and recommendations from past clients. Ask to preview any projects that are currently in construction, or recently completed. The professionals at Don Mills invite anyone who is looking for homes for sale in Greensboro, to visit the Greensboro new home communities of Birkhaven, Hartman Farm, Stonebridge, and Beacon Hill, as well as other specific new home communities in the Greensboro and Oak Ridge and Summerfield areas.

Whatever your vision for constructing a new home in Greensboro, Don Mills Builders can integrate your preferences and needs to create a quality structure that will endure through the generations. As you plan your new home in the Greensboro area, every detail will be taken into account so you will get the home and style you have always dreamed about. Don Mills Builders builds distinguished and personalized homes that will give you and your family many years of comfortable living and wonderful memories. Contact us today to learn more about our custom home design and discover why we are one of the top building contractors in Summerfield at 336

Best Custom Options for New Homes

You have made a wise decision to have a custom home designed and built just for you. More and more new homes in Greensboro are custom built, and it’s not hard to see why. You get to make all the decisions regarding the design and the final product will be a truly unique home that suits your family. But with so many choices to make, it can become overwhelming. When trying to decide what features you want and which are worth the money, consider the following options.

  • Kitchen features. You and your family likely spend the most time in the kitchen, between eating, preparing, and cleaning up meals, doing homework, having snacks, etc. If you’re going to splurge, this is the place to do it. Kitchen islands are ideal for so many purposes from eating to food prep to entertaining. Get those energy saving appliances, you will be glad when you see your electric bill.
  • Entertainment. Whether it’s the living room, family room, or a separate media room, you’ll want to have a place for entertainment. TV, video games, movies, pool table, wet bar, and whatever else your family and guests would enjoy.
  • Bathroom features. Another place we spend a lot of our time is in the bathroom. Showering, bathing, getting ready for the day, relaxing after a long day—your bathroom time is precious. Make your bathroom spacious with plenty of luxurious features, such as a soaking tub or multi-jet shower.
  • Lighting. Seriously consider the natural and artificial lighting you will want in your home. The more natural light, the more energy you save. Skylights, large windows, and doors with windows let in natural light that is beneficial to your health.

New Homes in Greensboro NC by Don Mills Builders Feature Unlimited Options

When it comes to custom home building, there really are no limitations outside of the local building regulations. You can have whatever features you would like within your own budget. Don Mills can show you options and help you decide what items are a must have for you.

Call Don Mills Builders at (336) 362-1777 to get started planning your own custom home.

Pitfalls to Avoid When Choosing a Home Builder

When you decide to have a home custom built, the next step is to choose a builder. There are many builders out there, and it can be difficult to choose one you can trust. To find the best home builders in Greensboro, avoid these pitfalls.

Going with the cheapest option. It can be tempting to go with the builder who offers the lowest price. But remember, when it comes to home building, good quality is crucial. You want a home that will last and hold its value, and you won’t get that from a builder who cuts corners to save money.

Only getting estimated costs. If the builder shies away from providing definite itemized prices for the building costs, beware. You don’t want to end up paying more than you expected. Insist on definite final costs on the building contract before entering into an agreement.

Falling for promotional deals. You may be enticed by promotional prices and promises of extra features. But remember, you get what you pay for. The builder may try to cut costs in ways that sacrifice quality.

Getting duped by a display home. Builders often show you an impressive display home to gain your business. Then when you start the plans for your home they fail to offer the same features. Ask to see real homes the builder has designed and built for real customers.

Paying extra for energy efficiency. Basic requirements for energy efficiency should be standard. All new homes must meet certain criteria for energy usage. Don’t let a builder charge you extra for this.

Forgetting about the yard. It can be easy to get so caught up in the design of the house that you forget to think about the yard. Make sure your builder has a plan for the lot that will suit your needs and wishes for outdoor space.

Finding the Best Home Builders in Greensboro

When searching for the best home builders in Greensboro, you are sure to be impressed by the quality craftsmanship of Don Mills Builders. A member of the Greensboro Builder’s Association with decades of experience in custom home building, Don Mills is a builder you can trust. Call (336) 362-1777 to get started designing and building your dream home.

5 Top Reasons to Build Your Next Home

Are you trying to decide whether to buy or build your next home? Debating the pros and cons of getting a custom home versus purchasing one that is already complete? Consider the benefits of building a custom home in Greensboro with the elite team at Don Mills Builders.

Here are just a few of the many reasons for you to follow your dream of building a custom home.

  1. You get what you actually want. This is probably the most obvious reason to build your next home, but it is also the most important. By building your own home, you get ‘behind the wheel,’ so to speak, and make the executive calls on design features and amenities. No other home will be exactly like yours so it is truly unique to you.
  2. You can create value within your home. Often, there are little additions you can build into a custom home that you would not be able to do with an existing property. This will allow you to increase its inherent value. This will be very useful to you as a homeowner should you choose to move or sell the property in the future.
  3. The value of real estate is increasing. The big recession in 2009 caused a major economic downturn that lasted several years. However, one of the benefits of the recession was that once the real estate market recovered, homes were due for a big boost economically. A great reason to move forward with building your custom home now is the fact you will almost definitely see an increase on the value of your property in the near future.
  4. Ownership is on the decline in the U.S. At this point in time, we are seeing an unfortunate trend and phenomenon where home ownership and general ownership are on a steep decline. More and more families are opting to rent versus purchasing a home, which puts the renter at a substantial disadvantage and provides some level of insecurity regarding how they will be able to build equity in the future.
  5. Greater Energy Standards. Energy efficiency and saving technologies have increased greatly from year to year over the last decade. Therefore, homes built even just three or four years ago will not have the same quality of energy saving efficiency that a new home will have. By building a custom home in Greensboro with Don Mills Builders, prospective homeowners can ensure they are including features which will lead to greater savings down the road, as well as make the house a great investment.

Don Mills Builders provides numerous locations and floorplans for those wishing to build a custom home in Greensboro and the surrounding area. Don Mills Builders has decades of experience in the industry and is known for providing quality craftmanship with the most desired features and designs. The results are amazing homes in which a family can create a lifetime of memories. The team at Don Mills will ensure the home is designed to meet your particular needs and be one you will be proud of for years to come.